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The Essence of Berlin

People and companies are moving to Berlin, the capital of Germany, to be a part of a unique and varied metropolitan city because it offers a unique cultural scene which is both fast-paced and pulsing as well as relaxing. It is one of the most green cities in Europe, offering large green parks, river paths and abundant lakes within and surrounding it’s flourishing attractions.

The mix of architecture, historic and modern, sets this city apart from other cities in Germany. Popular tourist sites and locations include the Brandenburg Gate, Gendarmen Market, the Federal Chancellery, the Reichstag, Hackescher Höfe, Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstrasse and Kurfürstendamm. The city and its developers are continually recreating new space for both living, working and interacting.

The famous Kurfürstendamm (Ku’damm), the newly developed Friedrichstrasse with its modern shopping galleries, Potsdamer Platz, the new luxury shopping center Leipziger Platz plus the independent boutiques in and around the Hackesche Höfe offer a variety of shopping experiences.











Both cities, Berlin and Potsdam, with a population of over 5 million registered residents, is filled with artists, museums, musicians, actors, enthusiastic internet start-up personnel and many other professionals from over 190 different countries.

Just as trend analyst Faith Popcorn observed Manhatten for setting future trends in lifestyle, music, art and popular products zyban, today people and companies are watching Berlin for the latest trends. The unique city character embedded in the many different Berlin neighbourhoods inspires creativity and expression, making it one of Europe’s most exciting destinations and places to live.

I have travelled to many cities through out the world and consider Berlin one of the most comfortable and relaxing places. Even if it doesn’t have long seasons of warm weather, the life in Berlin still exists outdoors: beach bars, deck clubs, sidewalk cafés, restaurants and the ample beer gardens are filled with people throughout most of the year.