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Why Choose Lori Lassen?

Berlin is mixture of communities – the people, places and events that make it up are unique and individual. Lori is a local real estate agent that is reliable and informed. She cares about the properties she represents and the people she serves. In an age of technology that can be overwhelming and impersonal, Lori understands the importance of long-term relationships and face-to-face communication. Her company, at home berlin and potsdam, offers a personalised approach to customer service, backed by a strong connection to partners and a wealth of resources to assist buyers and sellers through a successful process.

Investor Friendly

Real estate investing is an art form of building wealth by solving problems. Investors look at real estate differently. Lori Lassen has experience and success working with investors in finding specific investments which match their portfolio goals. Her personal hands-on management, insight and knowledge of many complicated components in acquiring and developing properties in Europe has been especially valuable for foreign and young investors.


What to know about real estate?

To be successful in purchasing or selling real estate, it is important to know the area, location, history, planned developments, schools, transportation and much more. If you are new to the business or area, it can be daunting. Lori Lassen’s at home berlin and potsdam observes, tracks and monitors the market closely. She keeps a pulse of current price trends in the area. This information is valuable for clients to assist them in making good real estate purchasing decisions.