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Lori Lassen is an “investor friendly agent” who watches the market for appropriate real estate, properties and developments based on an investors personal strategy, market niche and rates of return.  Years of building trust-worthy partnerships with cooperation partners has provided Lori Lassen the ability to successfully match investor with appropriate real estate more accurately.

There are numerous types of investors, so it is important to meet face to face and discuss what is important to you, to understand your ultimate end goal, big picture questions and to better assist you in finding the kind of properties that may be interesting.

Sometimes closing a deal can be frustrating and some investments require lots of “creativity” to allow parties to come to a balanced agreement.  Thinking out of the box, maintaining good relationships between all parties and working together is one of the talents Lori Lassen brings to this business.  Another key skill set is hands-on customer service and support in all areas and phases of the deal.

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